Implants in a nutshell (renovation of teeth)

The best method for total teeth reconstruction and replenishment are dental implants. The name "implant" means a small titanium screw that is screwed into the jawbone or mandible.

Implants in a nutshell The implant can replenish a single dental gap and larger reconstruction (bridgeworks or snap in dentures). Implants give everlasting durability and guarantees excellent and durable adhesion with bone tissue. Implants also effectively delay and reduce bone loss process. It does not need grinding of good teeth that are placed near the defect. Lack of some teeth has a bad influence on well-being and may cause physical discomfort. Implants restore charming smile and confidence in appropriate functioning of teeth, due to the fact that it work like a natural root of the teeth. It is a good option for all people who do not want to use removable dentures. To satisfy the patient, a correct diagnosis and plan of the whole procedure (by a specialist) is required. People who wait for implants, go through tests that include CT scan of the jaw or mandible- it depends on the placement of the defect. The specialist assesses the bone and spot where the implant will be screwed in. All the contraindications are considered. In the clinic, with which we cooperate, all the procedures with implants are performed by the most experienced specialists with II degree of specialization in the field of implant surgery, and periodontics.

implants in PolandIt is important to write about the cost of implants in Poland. Acceptable costs make people decide for dental restoration that involves implants. Patients (with our help in choice of the clinic), always get precise treatment plan that is split into stages (including financial estimations). Oftenly, patients are surprised by a great difference in cost of the treatment in Europe. Implant treatment is 30-40% cheaper in Poland than in western Europe. The price also vary from implant system. In our clinic, implants cost about 1400 Euros (the price includes screws, healing screws, crowns and titanium fastener). If one compares the prices, it is good to check if the price covers only screws, or all elements. Patients who enjoy the treatment with our help, always get complete treatment plan with all costs. Additionally, our help does not concern other costs for the patient.