Dentophobia- how not to be scared of the dentist

Dentophobia is a paralyzing fear of going to the dentist. This fear causes hesitation and restrain from the treatment, that may create the situation of necessity for the patient. Dental check-ups also create panic attack. The feeling is incommensurable response and this is what many people call dentophobia.

DentophobiaNonetheless, specialists of the clinic (our business partner) have a special, fully stress-free and painless treatment designed for complicated dental procedures. The dentists (using sedatives, anesthetics and friendly atmosphere) lead a patient through the whole process without the feeling of fear and panic. Clients who want to undergo treatment (in recommended dental facility) listen the proposal presented by the specialist and together they choose the best approach of pain relief. This increases the trust between the doctor and patient. Dentophobia has many faces so one has to understand what kind of fear applies to him/her. The fear concerns the very person of the dentist or the pain that can appear during procedure. Sometimes it is also a result of a trauma from the prior experience. Solving above problems with professional help of doctors, allow to challenge the uncertain situation and overcome fear. The change of patients'  attitude is significant- majority of them eliminated fear reaction and forgot about past negative experience.

dental treatment in polandThe above steps in reducing and relieving pain are essential during dental treatment. Analgesics, used by our doctors, are certified and safe for human body. Ubistesin is one of the best anesthetic used by doctors (manufactured by: American - German company 3MESPE) guaranteeing absolute comfort during and after treatment. Moreover, Ubistesin is absolutely save for pregnant and lactating women as well as for children. It has the lowest risk of allergy reaction and vanishes very quickly from the body. In conclusion, the characteristics prove that this anesthetic is effective and therefore it is chosen by doctors.

Article translated with XTRF