Teeth whitening as a way to be successful

Current methods of teeth whitening are efficient ways to have a beautiful, healthy and snow white smile.

Teeth whiteningMany people want to have "Hollywood smile" and this smile is perceived as a business card of a person and is also regarded as a sign of attractiveness and health. On the other hand, one should not allow to be manipulated by color magazines that are full of retouched photos showing overly bleached teeth. It has to be mentioned that such effect cannot be archived in a natural way. To save time and gain effectiveness, we recommend a method BEYOND POLUS in our partner clinic. It is a save and fast method to have 7 tones brighter teeth. Before whitening treatment, it is good to undergo  hygenisation treatment, which removes tartar, sediment and discolorations. The cost of hygenisation treatment is about 77 Euros for two dental arches. The price include ultrasonic scaling, sanding, polishing and fluoridation. BEYOND POLUS whitening cost 239 Euros, but due to our special terms of cooperation with the clinic, we offer a lower price of 119.5 Euros.

whitening lampBEYOND POLUS whitening lamp is safe and can be used on people who have hypersensitivity teeth. The whole procedure takes 60 minutes and the effects are visible even 2-3 years. The long effect depend on person's lifestyle and responsibility for oral hygiene, of course smoking and any stimulants are not advisable. The result is strongly connected with mineral composition of the enamel, and it is worth to add that it stabilizes within a week after the treatment. The next step concerns replacing components, which are not whitened- crowns, fillings and other dental items that will have visibly contrastive color from the rest of the teeth. One should remember about it while booking time for the procedure. When it comes to dead teeth, a whitening method is used that takes 2-3 weeks and one should have patience in this case. A dead teeth is filled with three times concentrated whitening agent.

It is always advisable to remember about safety and protection while choosing a dental center. A professional clinic guarantees the correct procedure and BEYOND POLUS method allow us to enjoy beautiful smile in a matter of few moments.