Radiology in the service of diagnostic

Diagnosis is a key factor in the diligent plan for dental procedures. The diagnostic imaging laboratory, has the latest generation instruments as a part of clinic's equipment. It conducts all radiological exams and mouth imaging.

Radiology in the service of diagnosticAll tests are performed immediately in a serene atmosphere by a fully qualified group of radiologists. The radiology department houses the newest 3D computer tomography with cone beam GXDP-700S by GENDEX. This machine delivers 3D images in the highest quality and minimizes radiation dose. The examination gives topographic 3D image of bone structures, this allows to asses effectively the mandible and jaw. The examination is safe, non-invasive and the result is available instantly. The machine generates 3D visualizations and cross-sections of the jaw and mandible, so the specialist can see specific anatomical structures such as blood vessels or nerves. Those steps are essential during the development of implant treatment plan or guided bone regeneration. Microtomography is also carried out. This means scanning a single tooth at the highest resolution, which is used for root canal treatment (endodontic). Pantomographic photo also known as "panorama" is the basis for this diagnosis of dental treatment. To minimize the dose of radiation (in panoramic radiograph), a digital sensor was adopted (as a substitute to analog film). Children are exposed to reduced dose of radiation. It is worth to mention that the image quality is notably higher (contrary to standard materials) and the result is transferred in print or in digital record on CD. For regular medical treatment or surgery and canal treatment, photos of individual teeth are needed. The clinic houses RTG Expert DC (X-ray) with digital radiographic system (RVG) GXS-700 from Gendex (American manufacturer). The equipment allows to take high-quality digital photos. Doctors use other medical documentation in a form of intraoral images to evaluate dental changes and design prosthetic work. This help to observe the course of treatment and compare images "before" and "after".

The clinic's equipment is regularly tested and has quality certificates that are required in our country. Everything is regulated by Regional Inspectorate for Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Cracow that grants legal admission on the market.