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The secret of charming smile

One should pay attention to the prevention and regular care of teeth and gums, which provide a beautiful and fresh smile for years. Our partner clinic develops good habits and advise patients about regular dental check-ups. Daily oral hygiene and treating caries as a ritual is vital to avoid...

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Radiology in the service of diagnostic

Diagnosis is a key factor in the diligent plan for dental procedures. The diagnostic imaging laboratory, has the latest generation instruments as a part of clinic's equipment. It conducts all radiological exams and mouth imaging. All tests are performed immediately in a serene atmosphere by...

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Hygenisation treatment - improving oral hygiene

Hygienisation is one of prevention elements that has many forms - it depends on oral cavity condition. Scaling (part of hygienisation treatment) involves removal of tartar; sandblasting of the surface and interdental gaps; polishing with appropriate polishing paste and fluoridation that strengthens...

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A detailed look at BEYOND POLUS

The whole procedure is always in accordance with a plan. It is performed by an experienced hygienist with assistance of a dentist. Firstly, the hygienist and dentist asses patient’s teeth color and discuss patient's expectations. The second stage is called preparatory phase where...

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