A detailed look at BEYOND POLUS

The whole procedure is always in accordance with a plan. It is performed by an experienced hygienist with assistance of a dentist.

BEYOND POLUSFirstly, the hygienist and dentist asses patient’s teeth color and discuss patient's expectations. The second stage is called preparatory phase where patient's mouth and gums are prepared and protected. This is followed by application of whitening gel to the teeth and exposure to BEYOND POLUS lamp. Important fact concern exposure. Destructive ultraviolet and infrared light radiation is eliminated due to special filtration light system. With this filtration only blue-cyan light remains and its intense stream penetrates the inside of the teeth and stimulates whitening substance. Some people may feel hypersensitivity, but this problem disappears within three days after the treatment. Fluoridation is advised in case of persistent hypersensitivity. Fluoridation instantly relieve pain and inconveniences. Application of gel and irradiation is repeated three times, after each stage, level of whitened enamel is checked. After the procedure the result is discussed, but the final whiteness appears in a week time. After the treatment, the teeth are sensitive to dyes in food, drinks and cigarette smoke. This is why it is essential to stick to so-called white diet for 2-3 days after the treatment. The diet is a must to have the snow-white teeth. Practically, one has to avoid products that may change the color of the enamel, i.e. dark color products such as tea, coffee and red wine. Moreover, a patient is given a toothpaste that should be used as recommended by the specialist. Because of continuing mineralization, it is not advisable for people under 16 years of age. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid teeth whitening. But there are no contraindications for whitening after the period of feeding. People with many fillings, crowns (especially in front of mouth) should also avoid whitening, as well as those who suffer from mechanical damage and dental caries (it those cases, the treatment is priority).