The secret of charming smile

One should pay attention to the prevention and regular care of teeth and gums, which provide a beautiful and fresh smile for years. Our partner clinic develops good habits and advise patients about regular dental check-ups.

The secret of charming smileDaily oral hygiene and treating caries as a ritual is vital to avoid unpleasant diseases. One has to remember to brush the teeth after every meal, select good toothpaste and floss as well as mouthwash. Many factors influence good condition of teeth, those are: proper diet, stimulants avoidance, regular check-ups. A sign that one has to visit a dentist is: tooth sensitivity, stinky breath, bleeding from the mouth, sore teeth and gums. One cannot underestimate the symptoms because those symptoms can indicate oral diseases. It may be good to change preparations or apply further preventive measures. Diagnosis and prevention help to avoid long-term treatment and enormous financial spendings for dental procedures. One can also save time that can be spent on pleasures, such as sightseeing Cracow and learning the history of this place.

dental treatment polandOur partner clinic provides free informational materials concerning proper care and prevention. One can ask many questions to professionals to dispel any doubts or fears. Moreover one can attend preventive consultations, for person of any age. While check-up, a dentist checks fully oral cavity, teeth, gums and carries out a precise medical history. Individual preventive program will be established. Prevention is essential in treatment of periodontitis and tooth decay. Bacterial plaque is extremely fatal because after 72 hours it mineralizes and changes into tartar. Tartar influence  expanse of tooth diseases and periodontitis that leads to tooth loss. The tartar gathers around tooth root and bacteria presented on the surface causes inflammation of the gingival pockets, which starts the formation of a subgingival calculus. The most recent research have shown that inflammation of the gums and periodontitis affects elderly and smokers (it is a major opinion). Ailment also applies to large group of people under 30 year of age and to people who have never smoked. An unpleasant smell from the mouth together with bleeding while brushing can be a sign of gum disease or parodontium. Unfortunately, early symptoms are very difficult to see, if such symptoms occur, one should contact the dentist. The clinic to which we send our patients has specialists in periodontics. The specialists are people with long experience who will ensure correct diagnosis at an early stage of disease and plan treatment to heal the patient in short period of time. For people who are at advanced stage of the disease, our clinic arrange broad specialized treatment, that ensures good therapeutic effects. One has to remember that periodontology is specialty in the field of dentistry that concerns treatments and prevention of paradontium. Regular brushing, oral hygiene and regular check-ups to the dentist can prevent some of us from periodontal conditions.