Efficient anesthesia - at the dentist' office

Computer anesthesia is another modern method relieving pain to people who are especially sensitive to pain. This method does not involve traditional needle and syringe, as a result the patient does not have to fear of needle prick.

Computer anesthesiaWAND STA ® method allows to apply local anesthesia, operating below pain threshold of the human body. This is achievable thanks to the American instrument equipped with a sensor. With this method, the patient does not feel typical anesthesia numbness of the face or tongue. If a contraindication to classical anesthesia occur, a volatile anesthetics is recommended to concerned patient. The patient gets a compound of oxygen and nitrous oxide- also known as laughing gas, which has sedative and anti-anxiety effect, also causes retrograde amnesia. The patient who underwent sedation feels calm and peaceful, but preserves consciousness and basic reactions. Unfortunately, after the dental visit patients' memories echo a dream.

dentristry abroadIn case when a patient waits for a long procedure (combined with surgical intervention), doctors choose the method of relaxation and deep sleep. One of the safest and newest method is sedation and analgesia, that maintains the patient in continual state of minimized consciousness without the narcosis (general anesthesia). This procedure is used for complicated and long dental procedures. Sedation and analgesia must be performed by experienced anesthetist who administers directly into a vein medications such as sleeping drugs, sedatives and painkillers to the patient. Sedated patient is able to respond to doctor's commands and is able to breathe independently (there is no need for airways intubation). After procedure and awakening, the patient does not remember many fragments of the surgery and oftenly they say that it was like a dream. The procedure is tailored for therapies such as: implant treatments, often joined with bone grafting or augmentation. The procedure is designed for patients with developed dentophobia and with high blood pressure. It allows to regulate stress and pain as well as retch and hypertension. Blood test (indicated by doctor)  must be run to use sedation and analgesia (no food or drinks before the test up to 6 hours). One should remember to come to the procedure with a friend, who will help him/her to return home safely. It is forbidden to drive a car or operate mechanical devices after sedation treatment. It is advisable to postpone all decision-making issues on the next day- it is also related with returning back to work.